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Purchasing Photos:

The ONLINE SHOPPING CART is active!  You may purchase most of the images on this site as beautiful prints or infused on "ready to hang" metal panels (they are stunning!) and even on natural wood! Once you find a image you like just click on it , look for the green "Buy" button (lower right) and select from a wide range of sizes/prices. 

Prints on canvas and face-mounted on acrylic are available by contacting me directly. I highly recommend acrylic or metal  prints for all my Urban images....they look spectacular that way!

Note: The shopping cart is not active in the galleries with triptychs (Urbanscapes, Still Objects and Recent Projects) because we need to chat about how you want those printed (three separately or all together). Use the "Contact" link in the top menu to reach me.

Corporate sales:  Canon, Oracle, Hyatt Regency, Dignity Healthcare, United Airlines and Bank of the West are some of the companies that have purchased my photography. If you are a corporate customer, please contact one of the art consultants below. I highly recommend their services for selection, design, layout, matting, framing, delivery and installation of art to your offices. Just click a blue link below:


CHICAGO:    Art Advisory Ltd                                      

DENVER:     Nine Dot Arts         Sapiro Art     

SAN FRANCISCO:    Art Concepts        The Mocas Group         



Finding Stuff in the Galleries

      The website is organized into 6 main genres : Black&White, New, Urban, Landscapes, Botanical and International.  Most genres have multiple galleries within them (B&W has 2, New has 2, Urban 2, Landscapes 5, Botanical 3 and International 8), and some even have sub-galleries (Landscapes>Mountains has 5; International>ForeignLands has 6). I will be adding more genres, galleries and photographs in the future, so come back and visit again (admission is always free).      

Don’t get lost in the galleries!  Hit the little house icon (left side of page) to get back to the Home page...or the "Home" link at the top of the page.

        Getting around: Click on a photo to enter a gallery. Or use a link at the top of the page like Search to look for things like lake, desert, umbrellas, etc. Find black and white photos by searching for "bw". Or, try the Keywords search.

     Once you arrive in a gallery, click on an image to see it enlarged. Navigate by using the arrows (left and right sides of the screen) or your keyboard arrows. Move your mouse to the bottom of the display to see Title and Keywords pop up for each photo.  Return to gallery view by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner or hitting "Esc" on your keyboard.

     To fully enjoy the photos without distraction, you may click the diagonal arrows (upper right) to go "full screen". Click again to return from full screen. You can also view the gallery via a slideshow; simply use the "slideshow" triangle button when you first arrive in the gallery.


About the Artist:

Untitled photo

Intrigued by photography and travel during a trip to Egypt at age eleven, I became seriously hooked when my crummy but memorable Instamatic prints came back from the drugstore. Documenting, re-living and sharing via imagery was "magic".  Along the way, National Geographic, Cartier Bresson, Ansel Adams, Maisel, Misrach and many contemporary photographers have been big influences on me.

Photography studies at the University of Colorado and wanderlust (acquired from family camping adventures and Cairo) precipitated numerous hunting trips, armed with light-sensitive ammo. Bicycling from Denver to LA, kayak/rafting through the Grand Canyon, a global jaunt with World Campus Afloat, and driving around South America in a VW bus were all formative experiences. However, working for airlines took it to the next level.

Europe, India and the Far East soon filled my viewfinder as a flight attendant based in London, and trekking in the Himalaya became a recurrent vacation habit. Image capturing continued as I transferred to San Francisco, married my gorgeous Pan Am sweetheart, settled in the Half Moon Bay area and raised two boys.

Many of the photographs on this website were taken during Pan Am/United lay-overs; a very economical way to travel.  But why keep dragging cameras all over the place?

Practicing photography makes me see better. Cameras frame life, cropping out unwanted chaos/noise, to focus on compositions worth collecting; a sense of beauty, mystery, art.  On the other hand, my older brother (Michael) is a painter (http://mikesmooreptgs.com) and my younger brother  (Bryan Holt) a sculptor in Italy. Hmmm, perhaps my artistic/documentary inclinations have always simply been genetic.  

Consider these images "windows for your imagination"; some were taken a few days ago, some are decades old. Each shows another time and another place that, hopefully, you'll enjoy.

About the Photographs:

At last count, there were just over 600 images in 23 galleries on this website; click around to explore them all!  I have about 70,000 other images, so If you want to see some similars, use the contact link at the top of the page.  Here's a brief description of each genre.


The Recent Work and Recent Projects galleries show my latest photographs and recent work I've presented, commissioned or sold to clients. A few projects include multi-image collages.

Individual images of Urban Aspects are about my fascination with the graphic design of buildings, bridges and their reflections. The Urbanscapes series takes that a step further by combining two images carefully chosen to complement and contrast with each other. Rather than simply putting them side-by-side as diptychs, one photograph is split into two halves, creating triptychs. Striving for more than just “interrupted urban panoramas”, Urbanscapes suggest three-dimensions and the images that go together best are often from different cities. 


Landscapes…yes, I know; hug a tree, save the whales; you’ve heard it all before. But from a DESIGN point of view, nobody beats Mother Nature. She rocks, she's “da Man”.

There are five main galleries here; so check out the graphics of the Dunes in California and Colorado, the perspectives along the Northern California Coast, those wavy vineyard lines in Napa, sparse desert forms of the Southwest and finally, the scale of those magnificent Mountains. Enjoy some virtual trekking through five sub-galleries of mountains: Alps, Himalaya, Kilimanjaro, Sierra and the Rockies.

When I'm “out there” something whispers to me in an ancient dialect I don’t want to lose. Nature is awe-inspiring and it’s “our” house, so I seriously hope you’re really thinking twice about chucking that beer can out your car window. 

The botanical genre has three galleries. 

Blossoms are colorful flowers from private gardens, in the wild and in the Butchart Gardens, Golden Gate Park, Foster Gardens or Sydney Botanical Gardens. Meanwhile, ferns, succulents, cacti and any graphically arresting or colorful plant species will appear in the...

Botanicals gallery; they're mostly from Asia, Hawaii and California.

Blossoms and Botanicals are usually captured up close to create a “field” effect. This minimizes backgrounds (removing context) to concentrate on the subject at hand; that “never-ceases-to-amaze-beauty" of nature. In some images color and clarity are selectively removed and sepia toning added, creating a soft, dreamlike effect.  Such photographs are designated "CS" for color sepia.

Trees comprise the third gallery and they have captivated me in almost every part of the world; so many varieties, shapes, sizes, colors and personalities!  Trees are our counterparts in the botanical world and without them we'd be hard pressed to survive; so go ahead and hug one, or at least appreciate their diverse beauty.

International images are all from layovers or vacation trips made possible by working for airlines: Thank you, Pan Am and United.

Visit Foreign Lands to tour Japan, China, Europe, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam through my eyes.  Stay tuned, I'll be adding other destinations like India  soon. Also, keep in mind that photography, like all art, is subjective. I've pointed and zoomed in chosen directions to capture the essence of each place according to my experiences, romanticized notions and photographic style; your mileage will invariably vary.

International Color is a collection of artifacts, toys, clothes, masks and people found in markets and side streets all over the world. Like the close-up field photographs of botanicals, I focus in tight and am especially drawn to color.

Still Objects is a series of triptychs chosen from the International Color collection. Three images are combined based on the entwined relationship of their textures, colors and shapes. The result is a playful interaction that may also convey a bit of intrigue. 

These international photographs are a modest attempt at fostering global awareness. Take a look; then go traveling to see for yourself. Seeing spawns understanding, a first step in the general direction of peace. Wouldn’t that be nice?

About How & Post Processing:

OK, if you’ve read this far, I may as well tell you how I collected all these photos (I mean, besides trekking all over the place). The image titles followed by a four digit number were captured with Canon DSLR cameras (5D, 5DMKII or 70D) using a variety of Canon lenses (24-105L, 40mm, 50mm, 70-300L). Before I switched to digital I shot Kodachrome and Fujichrome (Provia & Velvia) with various Nikon cameras (Nikkormat, FE, 6006, and F100) and Nikon lenses (24mm, 24-85 zoom, 50mm, 200mm, 70-300 zoom). I often use a tripod (Gitzo Mountaineer 1228 and Giotto MH1000 ball head) with mirror lock-up when possible.

So, take all this stuff outside, wait for the right moment, the right light (photography = writing with light), compose properly (that's important) and then press the button. Import to Adobe Lightroom (for me that also involved a lot of scanning of the old chromes) and be ruthlessly brutal (chucking the losers and mediocre stuff).

Post-processing? Oh yes, let the art of photography flourish beyond capturing the moment! "Pressing the shutter-taking-making an image" is a subjective act of choices; wide angle vs zoom, which way to point the camera, fast or slow shutter speed, depth of field aperture, where to focus, etc.  But many expressive possibilities lay ahead and there's no reason to stop the creativity when "finishing" an image on the computer.

I usually crop, spot and make tonal adjustments in Lightroom to better communicate what I want the image to say. This takes time, experimentation and may involve subtracting certain colors, creating a black and white version, reducing clarity, sepia toning, adding grain, vignetting...all for effect.  However, I (almost never) clone aliens or overly "photoshop" stuff to death.  

Viola!  That was easy, wasn't it?

Hey, thanks for reading all this stuff. Click here to go home.  Wm. Kirk Moore

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